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El Economista Rafael Correa ha hecho una serie de publicaciones entre las cuales está el libro "Ecuador de banana republic a la no república.



La Economía Social se hace recorriendo el país en Bicicleta, en esta sección, videos de intervenciones, discursos, Enlaces Ciudadanos, etc.
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New Warp 5.5 framework

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New Warp 5.5 framework

Over the last couple of months we developed the new Warp 5.5 theme framework which is the new foundation of all our YOOtheme templates. In this time we have rewritten the complete Warp theme framework to make it more modular, flexible and also extendible. All templates from 2010 and 2009 are updated to run on the new framework. This means more than 20 templates are using Warp 5.5!

Currently we are very focused on our Warp framework and a lot of development is going on. With Warp 5.5 we updated the whole php code base. Now Warp is a platform independent CMS theme framework. This improvements on the framework level were very important to add more features in the future. This means you can expect more Warp updates soon... In this article we want to highlight some of the key features of our new Warp 5.5 theme framework. Enjoy!